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A good book cover draws the reader towards it. Use our book cover design service, by creative, expert designers, to get your book cover design made.

Basic Cover Design

  • INR 1,500 + GST (18%)

It consists of basic cover design based on the title and manuscript of the book. Special character design and explanation aren’t included.

Custom Cover Design

  • INR 2,500 + GST (18%)

Customized character and scene are inserted in the cover.

Premium Cover Design

  • INR 3,500 + GST (18%)

It contains the premium cover design based on the title and manuscript of the book. Specific character design and explanations aren’t allowed.

Cover with Illustrations

  • INR 1,500 + GST (18%)

2-D or 3-D cover design with the specific illustrations designed by our expert designers.

Iconic Illustration 

  • INR 250 + GST (18%)

Vector images are inserted in between the texts to improve the visual and reading experience of a book. This can be done in a fiction or non-fiction book category.

Physical Object Illustration

  • INR 500 + GST (18%)

Image of small object like a wand in magic books etc. is used to spruce up the interior of a book. Drawing of instrument and objects are used in this case.

Character Illustration

  • INR 1,000 + GST (18%)

The world of illustration has been filled with prolific and accomplished illustrators. Illustrations early domain had been the field of children’s story books. But since its introduction it has hugely grown in popularity and transcended into matured appearances from the initial forms and styles.
B/W Illustration: 800 + GST
Colour Illustration: 1,000 + GST

Scene Illustrations

  • INR 2,000+ GST (18%)

Get your book illustrated by our talented artists and see how we give a world class look to your book 
B/W Illustration: 1,500 + GST
Colour Illustration: 2,000 + GST