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IRA Publication

Why us

International Marketing

Once you've written a book, you'd like it to be published. The next thing that you would like to look at is distribution of books. For most authors selling their books in international markets is essential to their book. We enable your valuable book to be sold all over the world We employ a variety ways of promoting our books. Of course we use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote our new titles. Our books are also included in our printed catalogues that are send to thousands of libraries/institutes and individual scholars around the world.

High Quality

We only publishes manuscripts which have undergone thorough review to ensure the highest quality.

Rapid Publication

At I.R.A. Publication, we are looking to provide a fast publishing process to ensure that books covering state-of - the-art studies and time-sensitive topics are published with a minimum delay. In addition, an unknown print-run enables quick and easy implementation of adaptations.

Promotion and Distribution

Our printed books can be purchased in bookstores around the world. Distribution of e-books In addition to printed books We are also available as e-books in a variety of formats (incl. PDF, ePUB, Kindl) and can be purchased in all major e-bookstores/platforms around the world (incl. Amazon Kindl, Apple I-store, Google, etc.). Worldwide distribution maximizes an author’s potential to connect with readers all over the world. Feedback from international readers provides a new perspective for authors.

Variety of Packages

We have a variety of publishing packages for you to choose the suitable one. The packages are designed just for your conveniences.

100% Royalty

The author royalty is 100% of net profit and the net profit is calculated by subtracting the book production cost and the distribution cost from the MRP.